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Seagull caught stealing people’s parking tickets

The gull was spotted enthusiastically gnawing at a ticket that had been stuck to someone’s silver Audi A3 in Caernarfon, Wales, on February 7.

As mechanic Danny Welsh was passing, he saw the bird really going at the black and yellow notice and decided to take a photo.
However, as he started shooting a video someone turned up and scared the seagull off – and it took the ticket with it.
PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: THE CHEEKY SEAGULL STEALING THE PARKING TICKET LEFT ON THE WINDSCREEN OF A CAR PARKED IN A BAY AT BANK QUAY IN CAERNARFON, WALES) A cheeky seagull with a grudge against parking wardens was spotted tampering with a ticket lodged in a car's windscreen - before flying off and stealing it. Stunned mechanic Danny Welsh looked on in disbelief as the bird pecked away at the yellow and black notice attached to a silver vehicle in Caernarfon, Wales. And the feathered thief made off with the ticket altogether after being disturbed by a passer-by - meaning one unhappy driver now has an outstanding fine they probably don't know about. The seaside town is plagued by seagulls and Danny said he couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted the bird causing a scene at the parking bay in Bank Quay. SEE MERCURY COPY
He flew off with it (Picture: Mercury)
‘Some poor person is going to get a letter through the door asking them to pay a fine they quite rightly never knew about,’ Danny, 26, said.
‘Parking wardens obviously aren’t the most popular people, so maybe this bird had it in for them as well?’
He added that, although he thinks seagulls can be ‘a right pest’, he found this particular one ‘hilarious’.
‘Everywhere you go round here there are seagulls, because we’re by the sea,’ he said.
‘The notice was stuck to the windscreen, but this guy just plucked it away and made off like it was his dinner.’

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/16/seagull-caught-stealing-peoples-parking-tickets-6452182/










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